Real Concrete.

Easier. Better.


Don’t Build Forms
Make Thinner Walls
Use Less Concrete
3D Print
Use Normal Rebar
Faster Slip Forming
Reduce CO2
Alternative Binders
Avoid Shotcrete
Save Cost

We have developed an admixture and inline-delivery system that allows 3D printing – or very rapid slip forming – with normal, delivered, pumpable concrete.

Pump concrete into place while slip forming as fast as possible: The Big Screed

A SpaceCrete stacking demonstration.      Normal concrete, no silica fume, no fibers.   Link to actual video here.

With extreme shear thinning, vibrating SpaceCrete consolidates it thoroughly, locking it into place to build up vertically even better.
Slip forming tall walls against insulating foam on a proof-of-concept project.
“Digitally-controlled placement of concrete is our inevitable future.”

We work at the interface between machine control and finished concrete structure. We developed the admixture and delivery system that allows vertically-shaping fluid-concrete, rather than traditional forming. The vertical shape can be defined by simple or sophisticated construction hardware, or new technology – such as 3D printing, but using essentially normal concrete.

A Simple System

As SpaceCrete allows stacking pumped-concrete without  forming, it opens up so many new ways to build with it. Your normal-delivered concrete can become 3D print material, with a very-low-dose of 3D-AdmixTM injected into the pump line.  Or, you can vertically slip-form very rapidly, with pumpable concrete.   The form pressure is gone the moment you stop vibrating it.





Autonomous vibrational-placement of a concrete wall over a basement excavation.

Rapid Slip Form

The Slipscreed can define a finished vertical plane of concrete as fast as you can pump it. Place solid concrete walls over rough excavations, insulating foam panels, or any vertical surface.

On this test project the concrete could go vertical faster than a foot a minute.

New Technology

Only 0.25% of 3D-AdmixTM transforms normal concrete into SpaceCrete. A 5” slump becomes zero slump inline – but with extreme shear thinning – so you can still pump it and work it as needed. Why build expensive forms?  You can “create form” directly, or with digital control.  Build Space, with conCrete

INLINE STATIC MIXER – Takes Coarse Aggregate

Autonomously-controlled articulating attachment technology exists now.

Excavator Attachment

Use machine-control to create a concrete retaining wall – easier, faster, more economically, and less hazardous than spraying shotcrete.

Proof of concept testing on a needed retaining wall project.
Machine-control is required!

Energy/Cost Efficient

Rapid-slip-formed concrete walls over insulating foam makes the ideal solar design less expensive to build.

Faster-Cheaper Slip-Forming

A Partial List of Benefits: